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I'm facing a problem with emberJS and the Router.

My route architecture is the one below :

  • root
    • index
    • app
      • home
      • item
        • display/:id
        • edit/:id

When I initialy navigate to display/:id the URL is well written as below :


Then I hit the refresh button of my browser and the URL is then written as


I have the following functions in my route to handle serialize/deserialize

deserialize:  function(router, context) {
    return App.Item.find(context.id);
serialize:  function(router, context){
    return { id: context.id };

When I log the context passed in serialize :

  • before the refresh : it is set to the right item
  • after the refresh : it is set to an element that does not contained the id (not my item)

So I guess I'm missing something to serialize my URL after page refresh.

Any lead ?


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could you log the context inside the deserialize method ? even better, could you provide a jsfiddle of you example ? –  sly7_7 Dec 10 '12 at 17:28

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This question was already address in Emberjs async routing

Solution is to use a Deferred object and implement the loading state.

Hope that helps

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