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I have question to ask you.

There are some open source robotic middleware out there that contains some libraries for robotic developers to do I/O works. They are really powerfull tools that save a lot of time. They are such as OpenRTM, OROCOS, RSCA etc...

In a project, we will developing a robotic wheelchair that do some autonomous behaviors such as obstacle avoidance, move2goal, follow coridor etc. We'll use an RTOS to organize I/O stuff and selection operations for the behaviors.

What I'm wondering is if any of the RTOS(mcOS-II, QNX, Keil etc.) has port to these middlewares? Can I install them on to these RTOSes?

Sorry for my bad English. Hope you got what I mean.

My best regards..

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I am OpenRTM-aist user.

OpenRTM-aist have QNX implementation.

Sorry, there is no english documentation for OpenRTM for QNX, please use google translate button on the site.

OpenRTM-aist is also available for Real-Time Linux (ART-Linux, real-time preemption kernel), T-Kernel (uITRON), VxWorks (developed by SEC CO. LTD.).

Sorry, they do not have english pages, but developers are of course available for english communication. Ask them in the mailiing list: I also recommend you to use openrtm-user mailing list. We had a similar question a couple days ago. You must be able to get some useful information on it.

You can find link on the official OpenRTM-aist website, described above.

Of course, english is welcome!

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I appreciate that you're trying to be helpful, but please don't deliberately circumvent new user restrictions in the future. Your recommendation is OK, but there must be a single link you can use, while adding more context? If you'd like to edit this, flag it once done and we'll have a look. – Tim Post Dec 11 '12 at 2:46

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