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I want to instrument my App with the Instrumentation Interface from inside the tested app. I have a custom activity that every of my activities extend. In that I want to start the instrumentation to get information about the app:

public class BxActivity extends Activity {
protected void onResume() {
    boolean instru = startInstrumentation(new ComponentName(BxActivity.this, InstrumentationRobot.class), null, null);

Imho that should restart the app with the instrumentation code in the InstrumentationRobot.class. It is in the same Android project and package.

public class InstrumentationRobot extends Instrumentation {
public void onCreate(Bundle arguments) {
    Log.v("InstrRobot", "Hello from Robot");

I've added the instrumentation to the manifest like this:

        android:name="InstrumentationRobot" (class in the same pkg)
        android:targetPackage="my.package.name" />

This is the correct manifest code for my instrumentation, so my little robot prints out "hello" to me.

Thanks, soeren

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I've found the solution and updated my question with the correct code. The mistake was in the manifest file.

I deleted the

<uses-library android:name="android.test.runner" />

tag and the instrumentation class name must not start with a dot, if in the instrumentation class is in the same package and .apk file as the app itself.

The instrumentation tag must also be a direct child of the manifest.

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