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My WPF-application has a window with third-party control in witch loading data. Control has methods for show and hide progress bar when data begin loading and end. I use MVVM for data binding to my controls. I need property witch indicate when data loading begin and end and this property must be accessible in code behind. I added CheckBox control in window with Visibility="Hidden" and bind it to property flag in my ViewModel, also added EventHandler on Checked event:

<CheckBox Name="chkIndicator" Visibility="Hidden" IsChecked="{Binding IsDataLoading}" Checked="chkIndicator_Checked" />

In code behind view event handler:

private void chkIndicator_Checked(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

In ViewModel when loading data:

public bool IsDataLoading
    get { return _isDataLoading;}
    set {
        _isDataLoading = value;
public void MethodLoadingData()
    /*1*/ IsDataLoading = true;

    //here method for loading data to collection binded to tableViewOrders

    /*2*/ IsDataLoading = false;

When method MethodLoadingData execute, line /1/ is work fine - eventhandler chkIndicator_Checked fired, but when /2/ run - eventhandler doesn't fire. Any ideas where I'm wrong?

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1 Answer

Did you tried changing the binding mode of "IsChecked" property to two way or something

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