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So I have two links one to register an account and one to get a password reminder:

Password reminder works, register link does not.

here is the code for the links:

<h4 class="register"><a href="<?=base_url() ?>auth/register" class="register fancybox.ajax">Register</a></h4>
<h4><a href="<?=base_url() ?>auth/forgot_password" class="register fancybox.ajax">Forgot your password?</a></h4> 

When I look at the rendered links through firebug, they look exactly the same apart from an additional class on one of the h4 elements, I can copy the links and visit them through the browser but as I say one does not work through fancybox.

Any suggestions why this might be?

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I suspect that only the link <a> should have the class register, not the h4 tag. –  JFK Dec 11 '12 at 8:18

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I suspect that only the link <a> should have the class register, not the h4 tag.

Why? because you are binding fancybox to the selector .register, aren't you? so fancybox is expecting to find the source of content from the h4 tag in the first instance, which shares the same class as the link.

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Spot on... That has been driving me mad. –  WebweaverD Dec 11 '12 at 14:33

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