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For some reason, the following code doesn't work:

var users = window.SQLitePlugin.openDatabase("users","1.0","Demo",-1);
    KovarApp.lib.say("Transaction Started");
    var createString =  "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS 'users' ('id' integer(11) primary key, 'username' varchar(25),'password' varchar(100),'firstname' varchar(25),'lastname' varchar(25),'qdatabase' varchar(20),'ugroup' varchar(50),'status' varchar(50))";
        KovarApp.lib.say("Create Worked");
        KovarApp.lib.say("Create Failed");

    var insertString = "INSERT INTO users (username,password,firstname,lastname,qdatabase,ugroup,status) values ('jktest','e10adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e','Andrew','Rhyne','basictemplate','admin','yes')";
        KovarApp.lib.say("Insert Worked");
        KovarApp.lib.say("Insert Failed");

    var testString = "SELECT 1 FROM users WHERE username = 'jktest'";
        KovarApp.lib.say("res.rows.length: " + res.rows.length + " -- should be 1");
    KovarApp.lib.say('Transaction Ended');

My log function spits out transaction started and transaction ended, but the callbacks aren't firing for the individual queries. I am using Brody's sqlite3 plugin:

Any help here would be awesome. I don't really know what I am doing wrong but it isn't working at all. As a side note, he has specified that there isn't any limit on database size, and this is denoted by the -1 (meaning no size limit).

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All callback functions are executed asynchronously. In your code, the insert/select commands are started before the previous commands have finished, and the transaction ends before the individual commands have finished.

Move the code to start a command into the success callback function of the previous command.
In other words, the transaction and executeSql calls should always be the last statement in their containing function.

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But that doesn't explain why NONE of the callbacks are being executed. It should be spitting out "Create Worked", etc... – Andrew Rhyne Dec 10 '12 at 18:49
I understand that it isn't structured properly, but the callbacks should be firing on atleast the create query regardless of the structure – Andrew Rhyne Dec 10 '12 at 18:49

The Javascript files within Brody's project are platform-dependent for the time being. It looks like there will eventually be abstraction in place where the javascript is all portable, but this was the issue - I had the iOS version of the JS file running on Android. Duhh

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