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JSFiddle = http://jsfiddle.net/burtondav/Vke9u/


$("savebtn").bind 'click', (event)  =>
  title = $(".modal-body #title").val()
  hours = $(".modal-body #hours").val()
  console.log title
  console.log hours


{"error": "Shell form does not validate{'html_initial_name': u'initial-js_lib', 'form':
    <mooshell.forms.ShellForm object at 0x9703acc>, 'html_name': 'js_lib', 'label': u'Js 
    lib', 'field': <django.forms.models.ModelChoiceField object at 0x959a8ec>, 
    'help_text': '', 'name': 'js_lib'}"

Appreciate the help.

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You cannot submit html forms on JSFiddle, because there is no server to receive them.

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Thanks for the help –  Reddirt Dec 17 '12 at 0:29

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