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I use the SoundCloud API to retrieve the stream URL for a streamable track. I follow the redirect and I end up with an URL that looks like:

http://ec-media.soundcloud.com/eodihgiuh.128.mp3?<a string>
    AWSAccessKeyId=<access key>


    AWSAccessKeyId=<access key>
    &__gda__=<a string>

Then I start streaming the MP3 data at this URL.

First I send a HEAD request to read the Content-Length header, so that I know how many GET requests I will have to send in order to play the whole song.

Then I send several partial GET requests, each one with a different Range header.

The problem is that sometimes the HEAD request returns a 403 status code, even though a GET request to the exact same URL returns with a 200 status code. It seems that this happens if and only if the host is ak-media.soundcloud.com.

Is this supposed to happen? I expected the HEAD request to return exactly the same headers as the GET request, only without the body response.



P.S: I should probably mention that my code is not running on a computer, but on an audio device with a tiny 8-bit processor which has extremely limited resources.

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Unfortunately, currently we only offer guaranteed proper response for GET requests.

As a hack, you could try to do requests with very short ranges.

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Thanks, Actually I implemented this workaround while waiting for an answer :D –  PierreB Dec 10 '12 at 17:46

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