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I am trying to restrict access to a particular node (NOT node type) in Drupal.

I'm not finding a good module to be able to do this (or I am not understanding how to).

It seems like Content Access might be a good one - but I see no way to make access to a specific node not be granted.

How is the best way to restrict access to one particular node in Drupal 6?

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Node Access should do the trick

Provides global and node specific security permissions by role and user account.

  • Global security for all content types and nodes (default).
  • Per content type and all nodes for the content type.
  • Per node security scheme

Emphasis mine.

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The Content Access module is indeed a good one.

After installing and enabling, go to Home › Administer › Content management and select the content type you're interested in. Click Edit and then the Access control tab. Look at the bottom of the page at the panel Per content node access control settings.

When you enable this a new tab for the content access settings appears when viewing content, allowing controlling access for each individual node.

If you're looking for even more fine-grained per node access control, take a look at Flexi Access (however it is currently for Drupal 7 only). It is set up to control access per node by default, and also let you create and maintain access control lists, breaking access control down to both per user and per node.

I am using both of these myself, and they work.

For more options, see the page: Overview of Node Access modules @ Drupal.org.

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