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I am going to optimise a symfony (1.4) project by caching. I don't know what should I use? Is it better to cache whole pages, components, partial using symfony built-in cache or to cache sql results by APC? What are pros and cons for each one?

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I would say: use both.

You can use Doctrine_Cache_Apc for all Doctrine queries, and use Symfony cache on complex actions/components.

If you have a CMS, just remember to invalidate the cache so the user will see his editing "live". For example, on a save action in the CMS, you can use sfFileCache::removePattern to delete the cache files,then re-create cache files on-the-fly with sfWebBrowser::get .

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Hm... why should I use apc with symfony cache. I think they should live same period so if there will be no symfony cache, there will be no apc cache. Is that true? – latata Dec 10 '12 at 20:16
Actually i've never cached all pages inside a project since it usually displays realtime data. I'll vote your question up ;) – sglessard Dec 12 '12 at 2:01

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