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I'm developing an automation tool using javascript/jQuery.

To manipulate the DOM I've tunneled all iframe/browser access through an proxy server to have all them on same domain.

All this is working fine! But my end point app is a transactional jsp/servlet database and I wanna have multiple access to it.

I guess, because the proxy 'tunneling' all access through proxy has the same session, wich is not desirable since I need multiple access to the app, and to do this I must create different sessions.

I'm trying to figure out how to achieve a unique sessionID for each Iframe/browser pointing to the same web app passing through the same (?) proxy server, roughly:

iframe ---\
iframe -----> browser ---> apache proxy ---> jsp transactional app
iframe ---/

I was sniffing the traffic on FireFox (FireBug) and all iframes has the same session ID. That's not exclusively on iframe, even if I start another browser and use the link passing trhough the proxy I keep the same session ID.

Using Apache http Server 2.2.20 (win32).

Proxy config (if useful):

ProxyPass  /bbb http://xxx/bbb/
ProxyPassReverse /bbb/ http://xxx/bbb/
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Do the iframes src attributes point to the same domain or subdomain?

Remember that Session is implemented through cookies and that cookies are shared through the domain and subdomains they belong to, eg:

If Cookie belongs to then has access to it


If Cookie belongs to then or DOES NOT have access to it

And it doesn´t matter if it's an iframe or another browser window or tab...

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Yes, all src points to the same domain. So what I guess is that you suggest that it should be possible to config my proxy to 'emulate' subdomains to create different session ids on my clients? – Paulo Bueno Dec 10 '12 at 18:59

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