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This is probably a really easy question, but I can't find anything that works.

I'm trying to take a json result and just write it into the inner html of a div to see what it looks like.

I have something like this:

        $("#jsonmodel").html(data);  // what should this be??


I was able to get it to display some text by using


However, it's not formatted like how the browser displays a json result, like the structure of the javascript object.

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How about just use Firebug/Fiddler to inspect your data? –  Crescent Fresh Sep 4 '09 at 17:10
@crescentfresh I'm doing that as a point of reference, but I wanted to get that type of output inside a div. –  Joseph Sep 4 '09 at 17:12

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You can use jquery-json library

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Is the library hosted by google by any chance? I'm trying to get this working on their API Playground –  Joseph Sep 4 '09 at 17:21
No, I don't think so. may be you re-use code directly from code.google.com/p/jquery-json/source/browse/trunk/… –  Jirapong Sep 4 '09 at 17:46
This plugin was helpful. Thanks for the link. –  txyoji Oct 1 '09 at 19:27

depends on what the data is. if you want to write it as a string, then you should use the $.get method to get it, that way its not converted into a js hash for you

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Thanks, so I should do something like $("#jsonmodel").html($.get(data));? –  Joseph Sep 4 '09 at 17:10
That's not working for me. I'm trying serialize as well but it doesn't work either. –  Joseph Sep 4 '09 at 17:15
@Joseph: No, mkoryak meant $.get("someurlthatgivesmejson") –  Crescent Fresh Sep 4 '09 at 18:17
@crescentfresh I thought he might have meant that as well and I tried that too. Still no dice. I'm starting to think what I'm trying to do is impossible. –  Joseph Sep 4 '09 at 18:29

data is a JavaScript object, you need a string.

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Here is the function I used:

function unjsEncode(string){
            var newstring = string.replace(/\\x/g,'%');
            newstring = newstring.replace(/\\n/g,'');
            newstring = newstring.replace(/\\"/g,'"');
            newstring = decodeURIComponent(newstring);
            return newstring;

thanks to http://bytes.com/topic/javascript/answers/169509-how-decrypt-garbled-javascript And I hope this helps out!

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