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Can you suggest on this point related to Autosar, taking into consideration i am a software developer who can write some software in C.

Now i Develop a functionality in C :--- That functionality have to read some ECU specific data process it & update some ECU specific data which can be (some variable or i/o signal).

1> Now how i will be using Autosar RTE & virtual functional bus ? What will be there use to a software developer ?

2> Also as Autosar says standardization of interfaces what does it means ? Does it means that if some else anywhere around the world is also developing same functionality (in C language) which i am -- we both will be using same name of the API's for those i/o signals ?

3> How RTE will be helpfull for me in Unit testing ? Or what really RTE is doing from software developer point of view.


I read a lot technical terms... but being a software developer these points are important for me to know. Can you explain it a bit to me.

Your reply will be appreciable.

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I tried really hard to understand what you are asking, but I'm afraid your English is too strange for me to understand. Is the question "what use will there be of a C programmer in Autosar applications?" or is the question "how do I use Autosar in a C program"? Or both? –  Lundin Dec 11 '12 at 9:38

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I don't think it is going to be that easy... I believe that you are developing Autosar SWC (software component). I would recommend for you to develop a portable C module. That has very clear inputs, outputs and req. on execution (check Autosar runnables). Remember Autosar ECU includes RTOS, therefore your module will be part of a OS task. When and if you come to the point of building an Autosar ECU, you will be able to wrap the module and connect ins/outs with Autosar virtual functional bus signals. For that you will need Autosar framework and probably configuration tools. These are complex and expensive. Unit test the module the usual way you test C module. Good luck.

P.S. RTE is just the "glue" code generated automatically by configuration tools according the configuration of ECU BSW and System Extract for that ECU. You will worry about it during wrapping.

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Thats true... you will worry a lot :D –  Vroomfondel Mar 1 at 10:30
  1. RTE is there as a layer to 'abstract' the inner components of the system. For example, if you need to get access to the system's installed flash memory, you have to use the RTE-related memory functions.

  2. You are correct. You only need to read the specifications and use the corresponding functions to get your desired result in an AUTOSAR system.

  3. RTE makes sure that the developers of the software components and the middle-layer systems would work properly with minimal interaction between them. SWC developers just need to read the AUTOSAR standard and follow it to ensure compatibility with the middle-layer systems, since it is expected that the middle-layer system developers would follow that same standard in providing functionalities on their side. It also helps developers with the portability of their software.

I think all your questions can be answered by reading the AUTOSAR standard documents at the AUTOSAR website. Most of my limited knowledge in development of AUTOSAR systems (started reading about it for close to a month already), I got there.

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The Idea behind dividing the functionality in AUTOSAR SWC and Basic software is to make the application SW development independent of any platform. To answer your questions.

  1. RTE is giving the application a signal based interface, Hence you expect the other SW component(inter-ECU /intra-ECU ) to provide the required data in the form of signals, you dont care about the platform or type of communication medium
  2. Yes by standardizing the interfaces (all kind of interactions), a software component or any Basic software module can be Fixed into the SW architecture. Read more about the different type of AUTOSAR interfaces.
  3. Refer to answer 1
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