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I am trying to validate an Excel column to have only values containing a value with length > 1 and ending with "d". My attempt was the following formula:


Excel says that the formula contains errors. The strange thing is that the first part itself works correct. But when i put it into an AND i get the error. Also when i replace the inderect reference with an absolut one it will work:


=AND(LEN(F4)>1, TRUE) => works


Why is this? Is there another way or a workaround to do this?

Thanks in advance, Marco

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Not sure why you need this to be so complicated. In data/validation Custom formula for the top cell in the column, put something like =AND(LEN(H1)>1,RIGHT(H1,1)="d") (for col H, for example). Then Copy that cell, and Paste Special/Validation for the rest of the cells in the column. Any good?

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It seems that it works when i mark the whole range and use the first cell as reference in the formula, Excel updates the formula for each cell to reference itself. Say you select D7:D100 then just use D7 to have a reference to the current cell. –  Marco Suter Dec 10 '12 at 17:51

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