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Have anyone used the function importRows() from fusion table API? As the API reference below, https://developers.google.com/fusiontables/docs/v1/reference/table/importRows I have to supply CSV data in the request body. But what should I do for the html body exactly?

My code:

http = getAuthorizedHttp()

DISCOVERYURL = 'https://www.googleapis.com/discovery/v1/apis/{api}/{apiVersion}/rest'

ftable = build('fusiontables', 'v1', discoveryServiceUrl=DISCOVERYURL, http=http)

body = create_ft(CSVFILE,"title here")   # the function to load csv file and create the table with columns from csv file.
result = ftable.table().insert(body=body).execute()
print result["tableId"]   # good, I have got the id for new created table

# I have no idea how to go on here..
f = ftable.table().importRows(tableId=result["tableId"])
f.body = ?????????????
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I finally fixed my problem, my code can be found in the following link. https://github.com/childnotfound/parser/blob/master/uploader.py

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