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When I calculate a weighted average in a masked array that is fully masked, I get different results for weights=None or weights=1:

import numpy.ma as ma
a = ma.arange(2.)
a[:] = ma.masked                             # fully masked
ma.average(a)                                # returns NaN, which is ok since all elements are masked
ma.average(a, weights=None,  returned=True)  # returns (NaN, 0.0), which is ok also
ma.average(a, weights=(1,1), returned=True)  # returns 'masked'

I would expect the last two lines to yield the same result - i.e. same number of outputs and identical values, but they don't. Most annoyingly, in the last case an error occurs when trying to retrieve the second output argument. Why do I get these results?

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I agree that this behaviour is annoying, but it's just the way that numpy.ma.average is coded. If you look at its source code, you'll see that around line 505 the if clause executes differently if weights=None or if it's something else.

When weights != None the operation results in one of the intermediate products being a masked array. Later on in the code (line 562), there is a check for masked arrays in these intermediate arrays, and if true the output will always be masked. The other case when weights == None causes a NaN to be thrown, so that will be the output.

Don't worry, this inconsistency only seems to happen when all the elements of an array are masked. In real world examples setting weights to None or a uniform array will give the same result.

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Thanks for looking into it. The conclusion then might be that this is a 2-level bug: 1st, the function crashing when asked for the output it's supposed to return, 2nd the different values returned for (at least semantically) equivalent inputs ... –  Rolf Bartstra Dec 11 '12 at 10:54
@RolfBartstra the fact that it doesn't return a tuple in the last case should be a bug. Just put a try: except IndexError: in your function before the call, and should be ok. Or an if result == ma.masked. –  tiago Dec 11 '12 at 10:59

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