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I've been trying to determine a way to link data between a running Simulink model and Blender (or Python). I have no idea where to start on this, but I did find one piece of software that might've solved it, if I could get it to install correct; SimServer.

I found out about SimServer on StackOverflow (the original question is here), however I cannot get it to install correctly, it errors out during mex in the httpwrapper.c file stating that "syntax error; found SOCKET' expecting}'" (same if I remove the httpwrapper.c file from the mex command, it'll error out on another file the same way).

Is there a way to remedy this, or should I move on and try to find another solution? I feel as if another solution would be preferable and probably easier to install onto other machines. Is there someway I can pipe information from a running Simulink model to a file and have Blender/Python watch that file for changes and update a model in Blender Game in real-time?

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If you are interested in writing data to a file from Simulink there are several ways to do that. I think the Easiest way would be to use add_exec_event_listener to add a callback listening to 'PostOutputs' event of your block. Within this callback you access data from block and write to a file.

You can find doc for add_exec_event_listener at

Other ways to write to file from Simulink are

  1. Using MATLAB Function block. Use your own "extrinsic" function to write to file.
  2. Write S-Function in MATLAB or C/C++.

From the external program you can watch this file for updates. Having real-time in this approach is doubtful. There could be lags in writing to file in disk and for the other program to notice the changes.

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I actually was able to get them to talk to each other by dumping Simulink data (via the MATLAB function block) to a file and having Blender just read it on each update, but I can get that up to about 10 fps (which is fine for my purposes and is only due to the model complexity). However, I am curious about trying to take on a TCP/IP or UDP approach to this problem, as Simulink and Blender might be running on two different machines. I think this might ultimately be a better approach, but I wouldn't mind any criticism or suggestions. – celestialorb Dec 10 '12 at 19:15
If you would like to try UDP, DSP System toolbox has UDP send and receive blocks. – Navan Dec 10 '12 at 19:28
Yep, I've got that in place. I just need to setup a UDP server in Blender and it should be good to go. Thanks! – celestialorb Dec 10 '12 at 19:29

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