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Is it possible to apply a Spring handler interceptor or something similar to a Jersey Restful service? The Jersey service is built with Spring and is inside a Spring @Component?

I noticed that Spring allows the use of handler interceptors for controllers but cant find anything to work with my Jersey-Rest component


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Jersey comes with its own servlet and therefore is pretty much outside of Spring MVC, which the Interceptors are part of. You can either:

  • Use a Spring HTTP Filter to massage the HTTPServletRequest and the HTTPServletResponse around Jersey
  • Use a Spring Handled Aspect around your Spring Component inside of Jersey to massage the Method invocation and result.

This guy here did a great job summing up the nuts and bolts:

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cheers. I was already aware of how to configure rest with spring so that part of your answer is not so helpful however overall it leads me to the answer. –  cdugga Dec 11 '12 at 9:30

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