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I am running Grails on a Jetty server hosted on a Rackspace cloud VM. After deploying and starting the app, everything runs just fine. After several days, the CSS style sheet just stops loading. I can still successfully navigate to the page, and all the links work. All of the data is also there, it's just not styled.

Rebooting Jetty fixes the problem, but I don't want to have to reboot every few days. What could be causing this issue?

For reference, the url is . I have not rebooted the server yet, though I may do this in the next few hours (so you may or may not see the CSS ).

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URI /static/css/style.css Class Message /tmp/jetty- (No such file or directory) – James Zhang Dec 10 '12 at 18:39
Yes, I see that also, but when I first bring up the site, I don't get the file not found. Why would a CSS file suddenly disappear? – RootsAmongRuins Dec 10 '12 at 18:44

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Not sure if your problem is the same, but my issue was that the /tmp directory was being cleared out periodically by a cron job. (See explanation here: ) By default, Jetty expands war files into the /tmp directory. If you simply create a /work directory under $JETTY_HOME, Jetty will use that directory instead for the expanded war.

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