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I am having a crash course on WinRT IAsyncOperation, async, await. I am trying to wrap Task with IAsyncOperation but fail to come up with an easy way to do the casting.

public interface IInfo{}
public class InfoList : IInfo{}

public class Parser {
    private async Task<InfoList> ParseList() {
        var returnList = new InfoList();

        HttpClient client = new HttpClient();
        Task<string> htmlTask = client.GetStringAsync("");

        string html = await htmlTask;
        // parsing logic...
        return returnList;

    public IAsyncOperation<IInfo> Parse()
        return AsyncInfo.Run(_ =>
            Task.Run<IInfo>(async () =>
                var returnList = await ParseList();
                return returnList;
        // I have tried following but causes InvalidCastException
        //return (IAsyncOperation<IInfo>)ParseList().AsAsyncOperation<InfoList>();
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public IAsyncOperation<IInfo> Parse()
    return AsyncInfo.Run(async _ => (IInfo) await ParseList());


public IAsyncOperation<IInfo> Parse()
    return AsyncInfo.Run(_ => ParseList().ContinueWith(t => (IInfo)t.Result));
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maxim pg. You are awesome. – Dummy Dec 13 '12 at 16:55

The IAsyncOperation<> type is not covariant, meaning you can't cast an IAsyncOperation<InfoList> to an IAsyncOperation<IInfo>.

Try having your ParseList method return a Task<IInfo> instead.

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Thanks for introducing the word "covariant" to me.… "Variance for generic type parameters in interfaces and delegates (since C# 4.0)" The conclusion is WinRT adds pain to programmers... – Dummy Dec 11 '12 at 13:35
But I want to stick with Task<InfoList> ParseList() because I think return type should be more descriptive. Actually, I am afraid that the extra Task.Run<IInfo> async added by me will add too much delay to my application. – Dummy Dec 11 '12 at 13:54

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