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I'm trying to write a program which computes the variable called P for a set of numbers (i=1:10), except for one number (ind), which is chosen each time.

The first time P is calculated for i=1:10 and for example the number 4 is chosen as ind and used and we don't want it to be included in the next iteration. So this next iteration P has to be calculated for i=[1:3 5:10].

How can i handle this? What I have this far is:

for i=1:10

        t = sum(Job(i,2))
        P = mean(Job(i,2))
        Index= Job(i,4)/Job(i,2)*exp(-max(Job(i,1)-Job(i,2)-t,0)/2*P)
        ind=find(Index >= X)
    completion_time(Job(ind,3))= machine_free_time + Job(ind,2)
    machine_free_time = completion_time(Job(ind,3))
    Lateness(Job(ind,3))= completion_time(Job(ind,3)) - Job(ind,1)
    Tardiness(Job(ind,3))= max(Lateness(Job(ind,3)),0)
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I dont understand your loops. Can you edit them so they're proper Matlab syntax? –  jerad Dec 10 '12 at 17:42
the part that i don't know how to write is i=1:10 in i=1:10 P = mean(Job(i,2)) –  Sepideh Ghajari Dec 10 '12 at 17:45

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Two ways of doing this:

  1. Remove elements from a vector

    idcs = 1:10; % initially all values are included from 1 to 10
    for ii=1:10
        idx = choose one out of idcs
        % do your calculation
        % remove idx from idcs
  2. Use a 2nd vector to keep hold of which values are already used:

    idcs = 1:10;
    for ii=1:10
        idx = choose one out of idcs(~valused)
        % do your calculation
        % set the used value to true

So for example to use this 2nd method with the thing you're trying to do, I think it'll go like this:

vector_i = 1:10
vector_i_used = false(size(vector_i));

for kk=1:10 % main loop
    P = calculateP( vector_i(~vector_i_used) );
    % ...
    ind = calculateInd(P, vector_i(~vector_i_used));
    vector_i_used(vector_i==ind) = true;
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Thanks a lot, It worked –  Sepideh Ghajari Dec 10 '12 at 18:15

I suggest a different approach. Check to see if the value is already included, and then don't include it if you have already tested it. I'll leave the code, and figuring out newDone, to you, but this approach should work.

for i=1:10
   if (alreadyDone(i))
      %Do stuff here
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Just use an if/then statement to skip the desired index in the loop:

   skipThisIndex = [];
   for ii=1:10
      if ii~=skipThisIndex
         %  Do calculations
      %Determine which index you want to skip next
      skipThisIndex = indexToSkipNext;
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