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I've develop an online store, and created a FB app, and integrated with a social share module. As you can see in this page ( ) I've the xml namespaces in html tag, the og:xpto tags in head... I've I try to share, don't show the title, description or image.

What I'm missing? :(

Thanks in advance

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One possible cause is that the result is cache by facebook.

Did you try clearing facebook cache using

Also see Facebook object debugger: Could not retrieve data from URL. (200)

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Yes, I try to use the tool, the code is 200, but the tool don't fetch the data... Because I fail all my ideas, I need the community to help in this matter... :( Edit: Thanks for the second link! – joaoasrosa Dec 10 '12 at 18:11
Did you take a look @… – R.S Dec 10 '12 at 18:12
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In FB Open Graph page they some the xml namespaces to opengraph and facebook in html tag. I've that in my page and do not work...

In the test suggested by @R.S. I remove these two namespaces... Started to work...

Thanks for the guide...

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