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I've just started querying databases using the PDO method and have hit a bit of a stumbling block.

What I'm trying to do: populate a typeahead field with the results of a simple query.

code to query database:

$query = $db->prepare("SELECT `customers`.`Name` FROM `customers` WHERE       `customers`.`Name` LIKE :searchterm");

$searchterm = (isset($_POST['searchterm']) === true) ? $_POST['searchterm'] : '';

$query->bindValue(':searchterm', '%' . $searchterm . '%' );



Javascript to populate typeahead:

                source: function (query, process) {
                return $.post('ajax/get_customer_names.php', { searchterm: query }, function (data) {
                return process(data);

Now I know that the typeahead expects an array of Strings in the following format

"one": "Singular sensation",
"two": "Beady little eyes",
"three": "Little birds pitch by my doorstep"

the problem is that my code at the moment by sending to console.log outputs it in this format

[{"Name":"test"},{"Name":"Southern Testing"}] 

I've been stuck on this problem all day and none of the examples I have found have been appropriate. I'm assuming I need to iterate through the $rows variable and extract the string values but am not sure how to achieve that. Can anybody let me know where I am going wrong and offer a solution?

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Ok I've found a solution to the problem using the answer to this question stackoverflow.com/questions/13687797/… however using this method the processing is done by the browser which is not ideal. Any solutions using server side processing? –  Ivan Wooll Dec 10 '12 at 18:08

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Might not be the most elegant solution either, but I was stuck with the same problem and I solved it, server side, this way:

foreach ($rows as $r){
  $array[] = $k['Name'];
echo json_encode($array);

This will format everything fine for typeahead to do it's thing.

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