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I am having difficulty formatting a string to a human-readable date format.

I have:


and need to get

7 Dec 2012


date("j M Y", strtotime($str));
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What version of php do you have? – Explosion Pills Dec 10 '12 at 18:21
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$str = "07122012";
$stryear = substr($str,-4);
$strmonth = substr($str,2,2);
$strday = substr($str,0,2);

echo date("j M Y", strtotime($stryear.'-'.$strmonth.'-'.$strday));

it will do the trick, but the best thing is to read the php documentation (probably there is a built in feature)

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You can use DateTime::createFromFormat (available with PHP >= 5.3.0) like this:

$date = DateTime::createFromFormat('jmY', '07122012');
echo $date->format('d M Y') . "\n";
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I think the most elegant way, since you cannot parse this string directly, is this:

$date = "07122012";

// parse the dte fist correctly
$parsed_date = date_parse_from_format('dmY', $date);

// Make time, print date
echo date("j M Y", mktime(0, 0, 0, $parsed_date['month'], $parsed_date['day'], $parsed_date['year']));
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