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How can I install PRAW with a MacPorts version of python?

It seems like there is no port for it.

What I tried

The closest thing I've found to this question is: MacPorts manual port location, so I mucked around with trying to make my own port for it, but I really don't know what I'm doing.

I know that I could install it with pip for a non-MacPorts version of Python.

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This is no need for a platform-specific version of PRAW. Using pip or easy_install is the recommended way to get the most up-to-date python packages as PyPI, the Python Package Index, is to python packages what MacPorts, (or Brew, Fink, etc), is to OSX-specific packages.

As the PRAW package maintainer, I would prefer that you do not create platform-specific packages, simply because they are unnecessary and more importantly because they become out-of-date very quickly.

If you are worried about cluttering the namespace of your system's python, then I suggest you use virtualenv, or the built-in virtual environment features if you are using python 3.3.

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So it turns out that I'm an idiot who didn't understand that macports could install its own version of pip as well. Here's how I finally got PRAW working:

sudo port install py27-pip
sudo pip-2.7 install praw

I really need to get this virtualenv thing figured out...

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