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I am providing Jenkins as a service to multiple groups of internal customers. Configuration management is performed via Puppet on our side. Jenkins seems to require a certain amount of customer-side configuration to be most effective. At the very least this would include creating jobs and views, at the most perhaps managing users or configuring the instance.

My issue is that I either have to delete the customer configurations to apply my own Puppet patches, or I have to go through and rectify customer configuration changes against my Puppet script before applying it. This stems from the fact that nearly all of the Jenkins configuration information is contained within a single XML file. Has anyone dealt with this specific problem or a problem of this general nature? What are solutions or workarounds for this?

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It appears the answer may be to use Augeas. This should allow me to edit portions of a config file as needed. –  nweiler Jan 9 '13 at 17:35

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