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I need some guidance with the following. Manipulation events are supposed to route up the visual tree until handled?

I have the following:

Canvas canvas = new Canvas();
canvas.Width = 1920;
canvas.Height = 1200;
canvas.IsManipulationEnabled = true;
canvas.AddHandler(ManipulationStartingEvent, new EventHandler<ManipulationStartingEventArgs>(CanvasManipulationStarting), true); 

ScatterViewItem svi = new ScatterViewItem();
svi.AddHandler(ManipulationStartingEvent, new EventHandler<ManipulationStartingEventArgs>(SVIManipulationStarting), true);
svi.Content = canvas;

public void SVIManipulationStarting(object sender, ManipulationStartingEventArgs e)
   //e.Handled = true; //This fires if uncommented

public void CanvasManipulationStarting(object sender, ManipulationStartingEventArgs e)
     e.Handled = true; //This never fires regardless :( sob

If I click on the canvas, the SVIManipulationStarting fires but if it's uncommented, the CanVasManipulationStarting never fires?

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There is no way that, if I understand right, the Canvas do not raise the manipulation event if you click on it, and that the ScatterViewItem (which is the container of the Canvas) raised this event, especially if you handle it in the Canvas manipulation event handler.

  • Are you sure you're clicking on the canvas ? Add a background color to check it. If your Canvas do not have a Background color, it will not be clickable until you set IsHitTestVisible to true
  • Try to manipulate your Canvas without adding it to your ScatterViewItem (but to an other existing container). Just to check your Canvas behaviour in an other situation.
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