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i know how to set and execute a controller in order to test it.

See the framework link

But how can i define the given test data Input? Ofcourse i can set $_GET and $_POST myself but does the input library reparse this?

I can't find answers at google. I'm also wondering why Codeigniter Testing has such poor google results.


  * @group Controller

class SomeControllerTest extends CIUnit_TestCase
public function setUp()
    // Set the tested controller
    $this->CI = set_controller('welcome');

public function testWelcomeController()

    // Call the controllers method

    // Fetch the buffered output
    $out = output();
            $viewData = viewvars();

    // Check if the content is OK
    $this->assertSame(0, preg_match('/(error|notice)/i', $out));

    public function testInput(){

        //reset $_GET and $_POST?


        //assert valid login etc ...


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Yes, you will need to manually set the $_GET and $_POST values yourself in your test setup or wherever makes the most sense, e.g.:

public function setUp()
    // Set the tested controller
    $this->CI = set_controller('welcome');
    // Set up the input values
    $_GET['parameter_1'] = 'Some String';
    $_GET['parameter_2'] = 123;
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