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i have a project that uses the file uploader, i have taken the example of the queue management, and altered it to upload to the location i would like it to save to, and all the custom settings, and skins i have given it.

i run it locally through vs2008 - running on my local iis 5.5 (xp machine), the post to page is aspx(vb.net) and test it in Firefox 3.5, and IE 8, in both browsers it works great, without a hitch, no errors, and the file is uploaded and my custom script after is run, all is good.

i upload this to the server, running windows server 2003, sp2, iis6, and i test on both, the local server browsers, and remotly with my laptop breowsers, pointing to the hosted server url.. it works in ie 8 still great, no problems, files uploaded etc.. but in firefox, after the first file is uploaded - and the onuploadcomplete is triggered, yui never throws an error that firebug catches... both flash and javascript no errors thrown, however the onUploadErroris triggered - event.status = 500, type, uploaderror.

i read a few articles that stated the swf object may need the full path names of the post url, my code is passing in the full path name, including the server url...

anyone have any idea how to resolve this? is this a flash issue, is this a firefox issue, is this a yui issue?

also if anyone has an example of the post page, for yui uploader, in vb.net i would love to see an example...

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