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I am having trouble executing the following command on Windows XP SP3.

netsh interface ip set address name="Local Area Connection 2" static

I am fairly confident that this command is correct, however I am receiving:

The syntax supplied for this command is not valid.  Check help for the correct syntax.

This command works on Windows 7 just fine, and according to the help provided by Windows XP, this is the correct syntax.

Any one have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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The pc is Windows XP SP3.

I get the same error with this (Italian) interface name :

"Connessione alla rete locale (LAN) 3"

I found the problem.

It is mandatory to specify after the gateway also the parameter gwmetric.

This solves all my issues with NETSH int ip set address.

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netsh interface ip set address name="Local Area Connection" static gwmetric=1

Static IP Address ----- Subnet Mask ----- Default Gateway ------ Metric

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