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I've been playing around with SimpleHTMLDOM Parser (http://simplehtmldom.sourceforge.net/) which is a great tool, however, I've been running into a problem collecting img elements from inside the body. This is best illustrated through an example:

Here are 2 URL's of the same image. I run the following code on these URLS respectively:

$html = $this->DOMParser->file_get_html($url);

foreach($html->find('img') as $element){


(SHTMLD picks up the images here)



(SHTMLD picks up nothing)

I've tried for a few days now to figure out what's going on, but the only different in this example would be in the html tags.

Any ideas?

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Your second url is pointing to an jpeg file directly, instead of a html page holding img tags. SimpleHTMLDOM Parser can only parse html pages, so it won't work when you fed it an image file instead of a html page.

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You're absolutely right. For some reason I was taking the jpg path and putting it into my browser and looking at the content of the page and wondering why I couldn't get the img tag. I think I need to unplug for a bit. Thanks! –  mehrotor Dec 10 '12 at 19:49

Simple, Your second URL is not HTML, Its a Jpg! :)

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