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Is there any way, from a given project, to create instances of classes contained in other projects ?

I usually use Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().CreateInstance(), but obviously, this call will return NULL as the class I'm specifying is held in another project.

Any ideas ?

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What's wrong with referencing the project? – vcsjones Dec 10 '12 at 19:43
I don't think Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().CreateInstance() will allow you to load objects from another project even if that project is being referenced in the executing project. – Francis Ducharme Dec 10 '12 at 19:58
so you need a circular reference basically? – vcsjones Dec 10 '12 at 20:11
Not sure if that's fits the definition, but I need from my main project, to dynamically (using a string to specify the name of the object) enumerate all of a class's properties that's held in another project. I ended up using Assembly.LoadFrom(). – Francis Ducharme Dec 10 '12 at 20:18
@FrancisDucharme can you please post the solution for this? I too need to create a class dynamically and it's referencing a class in another project. It always returns null now. – WebDevGuy Nov 3 '14 at 17:28
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If you really want to use reflection to achieve this then look at Assembly.LoadFrom(). Alternatively, as someone pointed out, you can simply use project references.

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You can check out the .net activator methods

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You'll probably want to use Assembly.LoadFrom() to load the assembly from a file if you're trying to do reflection.

But if you simply want to use objects in the assembly, add the assembly as a reference to your project (right click the project in Solution Explorer, and click "Add Reference"). Then you can simlpy use all public objects from the referenced assembly.

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