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Check this fiddle to get an idea of what I am talking about

This is my xAxis configuration:

 "xAxis": {
        "categories": ["Category ONE", "Category TWO"],
           "allowDecimals": false,
        "title": {
            "text": " ",
            "align": "middle",
            "style": {
                "color": "steelblue"
        "labels": {
            "y": 12,
            "style": {
                "color": "steelblue"

I need category one and category two to be separated by a few pixels (50,100, whatever amount I want) but cannot find the solution for this issue. I know there is a way to do it for series but there is no equivalent for when you only want to separate the categories.

Thanks in advance

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plotOptions have some options which can control series. Padding is possible to get by changing value of groupPadding:

"plotOptions": {
   "column": {
      "groupPadding": 0.1

And see it live:

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