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I'm using the URL below to get the auth token:


This page will redirect to another URL with the code token in query string. I'm using this code token to get the Page access token automatically and publish to the Page 'offline'.

In recent days, it seems that Facebook has changed the expiration time of this token code.

I am able to use this token once. The time expiration is very short. Anyone know if there really was a change in facebook? Is there any other alternative to work with this?

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This was part of the December 5th changes on the Roadmap: the code can only be exchanged for an access_token once and must be exchanged within 10 minutes of generation.

New security restrictions for OAuth authorization codes We will only allow authorization codes to be exchanged for access tokens once and will require that they be exchanged for an access token within 10 minutes of their creation. This is in line with the OAuth 2.0 Spec which from the start has stated that "authorization codes MUST be short lived and single use". For more information, check out our Authentication documentation.

If you're unsure how to log users in correctly because you were relying on the old, incorrect behaviour, ensure you're using the newest SDKs and read the Login documentation in detail, specifically the Server Side Login documentation which shows how to exchange the code for a token

Once you have the token, save it using whatever session storage mechanism your app uses (PHP SDK will store it in a PHP session for you) and use the access token on subsequent calls instead of trying to obtain a new access_token from the code

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