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Can anyone provide a hint on how I would populate a navigation toolbar similar to the StaffLynx Entity toolbar that the Billy Hollis video displays across bottom of the app?

I only want to show a "Client" icon in the toolbar if indeed the application version running has the Client module loaded and available but am unsure how to perform this MVVM style?


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What you want is your toolbar to have a region:

<controls:MyToolbar Prism:RegionManager.RegionName="ToolbarRegion" />

Then ensure there is a valid RegionAdapter for the type of your toolbar; You can override ConfigureRegionAdapterMappings in your bootstrapper to register additional region adapters:

protected override RegionAdapterMappings ConfigureRegionAdapterMappings()
    var mappings = base.ConfigureRegionAdapterMappings();

    var toolbarAdapter = Container.Resolve<MyToolbarRegionAdapter>();
    mappings.RegisterMapping(typeof (MyToolbar), toolbarAdapter);

Then in your modules, you can register views to display in this region, e.g:

public class ModuleA : IModule
    private readonly IRegionManager _regionManager;

    public ModuleA(IRegionManager regionManager)
        _regionManager = regionManager;

    public void Initialize()
        _regionManager.RegisterViewWithRegion("ToolbarRegion", typeof(MyToolbarItem));

Where MyToolbarItem is the view you want to be displayed in the toolbar.

Prism will then automatically instantiate an instance of MyToolbarItem and add it to the region called ToolbarRegion.

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You sir are a champion. Cheers. –  CheGuevarasBeret Dec 11 '12 at 20:54

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