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I have installed Ruby and Gems and also installed VMC following the documentation on the cloudfoundry website. I could deploy a simple hello world application successfully. Several commands seem to work fine. However, few commands just fail and I have no clue why. When I run the following command:

vmc instances hellor 3

I get an error: Unknwon app '3'

When I just run:

vmc instances hellor It retrieves the instance fine and displays it without any error. But, when I specify a number after that to increase the instances, it just seem to treat that number as an appname and gives me error. What could be the reason. I could not find anyone else facingup this issue on any of the forums. Any help on this will be highly appreciated. I am deploying on cloudfoundry.com

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The behavior of this command depends on the version of vmc you are using. You can see the version of vmc you are running with vmc --version.

With vmc version 0.3.x, the instances command works as you are expecting it to in your question. If you run vmc help with version 0.3.x, you will see this among other output:

instances <appname> <num|delta>              Scale the application instances up or down 

With vmc version 0.4.x (also known as vmc-ng), the instances command works differently and the scale command is introduced, as Hitesh says. If you run vmc help --all with version 0.4.x, you will see this among other ouput:

instances APPS...           List an app's instances
scale [APP]                 Update the instances/memory limit for an application
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"vmc instances [APP]" is used to list the number of instances you have. To actually scale your application you can do "vmc scale [APP]" as shown below:

hghia@SEA-007~/workgalaxy/hello$ vmc scale hello

Instances> 3

1: 64M

2: 128M

3: 256M

4: 512M

5: 1G

6: 2G

Memory Limit> 64M

Scaling hello... OK

hghia@SEA-007~/workgalaxy/hello$ vmc instances hello

Getting instances for hello... OK

instance #0: running started: 2012-12-10 03:41:39 PM

instance #1: running started: 2012-12-10 03:46:56 PM

instance #2: running started: 2012-12-10 03:46:56 PM

Thanks, - Hitesh

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