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I am trying to work on building a tool that allows our admins to create levels of keywords to then associate with their documents. For example, a layout of keywords would look like this:

Level 2: NBA Teams
   Level 3: Eastern Conference
   Level 3: Western Conference
      Level 4: Oklahoma City Thunder
      Level 4: Memphis Grizzlies

Ect... This should give you an idea. I have a mock up pretty close but once Level 4 begins to be introduced, it seems sporadic whether or not the items are added into their correct nests.


I don't know really how else to describe the issue but take a moment and click around on the jsFiddle test to see the issues with level 4. In some instance, it works smoothly but in others, it does not and I have yet to find the link to determine exactly what causes the level four keywords to be added to the wrong level 3 keywords. In some instances, as well, if I add a level 4 keyword to a level 3 one, then add a new level 3 keyword, it doesn't add it to the bottom of the list but adds it above the level 4 keywords.

Any help would be immensely appreciated! Thank you!

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I scrapped the idea and redid it entirely after rethinking the logic a bit. For anybody interested.

Here is a snippet:

var index_2 = 16;
$("#container").on('click','.addlevel2', function() {
    return false;

Here is a new jsfiddle showing a working version:


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