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I have a view containing a containerView (gray), which contains a UILabel (blue).

enter image description here

I have layout constraints such that the containerView is always 8 pixels larger than the label on each side, and the containerView's borders left/top/right are fixed. The container view stretches appropriately when the device orientation changes.

The label's numberOfLines property is set to 0. I am setting the label's text in code. The label's height grows to accommodate the text, as expected.

Here's the problem: When I rotate the device to landscape, the label's width grows to fit into the screen's available width, and the text will fit on 2 lines. But the UILabel does not shrink its height to fit snugly around the text. Notice the extra space above and below the text in the label.

enter image description here

So how can I make the label's height shrink with the device is rotated to fit snugly around the text?

I have tried calling [myLabel sizeToFit] in the viewWill/DidLayoutSubviews method, but this had no visible effect.

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Check if the label has a constraint that specifies a fixed height: NSLog(@"%@", label.constraints);

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Step 1: Subclass UILabel.

Step 2: Set the label's custom class to your label subclass.

Step 3: Override -layoutSubviews in your custom class.

Step 4: In the overridden method, call [self sizeToFit];

This worked for me.

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