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I need to verify that users of my app are within the US. Currently I get their GPS location or, if they will not share their GPS location, I ask for a zip code. In both cases I use the CLGeocoder class to ask to get the CLPlaceMark for the location (via reverse or forward geocoding).

How can I use the CLPlaceMark to verify that they are within the United States?

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You will want to reverse geocode their location. To do that, look into the CLGeocoder class.

I also think this answer might be useful.

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I'm already using reverse and forward geocoding to get the CLPlaceMark. I need to know the best way to verify that the CLPlaceMark is within the United States. Right now I'm doing a raw string comparison to CLPlaceMark's country property, I need to know if there is a better way then this. –  robhasacamera Dec 10 '12 at 22:06
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To verify that users are within the US for my app, I decided to use a string comparison to CLPlaceMark's country property.

CLPlacemark *placemark = nil;

for (CLPlacemark *extractedPlacemark in placemarks) {
    if ([extractedPlacemark.country isEqualToString:@"United States"]) {
            placemark = extractedPlacemark;

if (place mark) {
    // Do something with place mark because its within the United States
} else {
    // Let the user know that they must be within the United States to use the app

Its probably not the best solution since its a string comparison, but I could not find a better solution.

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A better solution should be check the CountryCode. Country is a literal which I guess it will be localized. –  Shuo May 22 '13 at 9:31

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