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I have a Panel control who's class is changed via javascript. When the user click a button, I need to check the Panel's CSS class and if it is the changed value, then I need to do stuff. The problem is, once I change the CSS class using Javascript, the server is not getting that information back. I need the server to recognize that the class has changed. I have attempted __doPostback but that messes up many of the elements on the page. Looking for suggestions.

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you could add a hidden control to your page and store it there..


 <asp:HiddenField runat="server" id="hdnCSS" ClientIDMode="Static" />

When you run your JS add a little code to populate this hidden field.

$("#hdnCSS").val("yourValue"); // jquery


document.getElementById("hdnCSS").value = "yourValue" // javascript

When you postback, the value will be available in hdnCSS.Value

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