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I wanted to wire the Google App Engine user service in Spring by first creating a UserServiceFactory bean and then using that to get an instance of UserService.

<bean id="googleUserServiceFactory"

<bean id="googleUserService" 

I am quite sure this is the right way to wire a bean which you get from a factory but I get this error:

Error creating bean with name 'googleUserService' defined in ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/hardwire-service.xml]: No matching factory method found: factory bean 'googleUserServiceFactory'; factory method 'getUserService'

It says that the factory method cannot be found. Can it be that the factory method name has changed?

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I got this to work by using a MethodInvokingFactoryBean instead. It still bugs me to think what's wrong with what I did earlier. Anyway:

<bean id="googleUserService"

       <property name="staticMethod"
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you can also do this:

public class AppConfig {

    public UserService userService() {
        return UserServiceFactory.getUserService();
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