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I need to get an absolute path from a relative path, but using a folder other than where the assembly is executing from to resolve "." and "..". Path.GetFullPath does not provide such an overload.

For example, say I have the following path:


And the folder the assembly is executing from is:


but it could, in practice, be located anywhere.

I want to specify the "current" folder as c:\test so the ".." resolves to "c:\".

Does anyone know if this is built into the .NET framework anywhere? If not, I plan on making a Utility method, but I thought I'd check first (especially since there's no static extension methods...).


Path.Combine will not work. All this method essentially does is concatenate the two strings.

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If you're currently in c:\test and you want to get c:\MyOtherFolder\foo.bar without knowing that you're in c:\test you want to do;

 Environment.CurrentDirectory = @"..\MyOtherFolder"; //navigation accepts relative path
 string fullPath = Directory.GetCurrentDirecty(); // returns full path

After that you may want to set the current directory back to your previous location.

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Although changing the current directory is not really ideal (in a Utility method it is non-obvious that its not thread-safe), this works for my current purposes. –  MgSam Dec 10 '12 at 21:58

Have you tried

Path.GetFullPath(Path.Combine(@"C:\test", @"..\MyOtherFolder\foo.bar"))

That should do the trick.

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public string FullPathRelativeTo(string root, string partialPath)
    string oldRoot = Directory.GetCurrentDirectory();
    try {
        return Path.GetFullPath(partialPath);
    finally {
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Try to use Path.Combine(...) method, it has to help you to achieve what you want..

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I get the impression the OP is assuming he doesn't know that he's in c:\tests, he could be anywhere, and wants to get a full path given a relative path so Path.Combine will not work. –  evanmcdonnal Dec 10 '12 at 21:36

You can do

new DirectoryInfo( @"..\MyOtherFolder\foo.bar" ).FullName
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