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Let's say I have a project, where (somewhere) the following function is documented:

.. exmpl:cfunction:: ExMpl* ExMplSet( int flags, int size, ExStorage* storage )

Somewhere else in that project's documentation we have a reference, that looks like this:


Everything seems legit and there are other examples of this use in documentation, but as the output Sphinx gives a warning:

~/some_folder/some_file:320: WARNING: unresolved reference: u'ExMplSet' - u'cfunc'

There is no link as there should be and 100+ warnings (for the whole project) aren't really that good.

These exact examples are of course made-up. What I'm asking for is some kind of a hint, where to look for the answers.

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I would expect it to be split over separate lines. Target on one, definition on the other:

.. exmpl:cfunction:: ExMplSet

ExMpl* ExMplSet( int flags, int size, ExStorage* storage )

Another option (I cannot check this right now) is that you're missing a colon in front of "exmpl:"

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