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I'm writing C++ network server prototype on linux. I have obtained socket file descriptor, bound it to on port 6666, marked socket with listen and called accept. Program runs until accept without eny error, then waits.

Still there is no record about my socket in nestat --all.

I have tried command telnet 6666 and got connection refused, but my server was still running.

I don't think that it's caused by firewall, because example found on internet works. I think there might be some mistake in error handeling, I'm not very familiar with C++ yet.

Here is my source code on pastebin.

Thank you for your time and effort! :)

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  1. Note that your incoming_addr is declared as a pointer, thus your sizeof is returning the pointer's size. Try with sizeof(struct sockaddr_storage).

  2. getAddress should receive a const char *address rather than const char address. You really want to pass the whole address instead of only the 1st character. This also requires you to remove the & from address in inet_addr(&address), and call the function as getAddress(addr, SERVER_PORT).

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Thank you a lot! It was exactly those mistakes with pointers! :). It works as expected now. –  Filip Dec 11 '12 at 7:47

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