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I am trying to figure out to show the dialpad with a given number in Blackberry 10 Cascades Beta 4 SDK.
Right now, I have this code:

bb::system::Phone::smileytongue:hone phone;
phone.requestDialpad(number, bb::system::Phone::LineType::Cellular);

Which causes this error: Cannot open phone pps object

So, I looked up about a pps object, and found this page.

Is that what I need to use, if so how do I use it? Or do I use something else, and how do I use that?
(I did by the way add "LIBS += -lbb" to my .pro file to be able to use a pps object, but that change alone did not fix it).

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Make sure that you've got "Access Phone" permission enabled in your bar-descriptor.xml

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Try in Qml page easily.....

Step 1: QML

import bb.cascades 1.0
import bb.system.phone 1.0

Page {
    id: root

    Container {
             Button {
                    id: call
                    text: "Call Me"

                    onClicked: {


Step 2: Add in LIBS += -lbb .pro file

Step 3: Add <permission>access_phone</permission> in bar decriptor file

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