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I have strings like this:

http://localhost:2055/web-site-2009/paginas/noticias/**IGP-M recua 0,36% em agosto, aponta FGV**-46.aspx

I'd like to remove all characters that could cause trouble on a URL (like ?, |, &, etc.) and the hyphen(-) on the bold part of the string. It's important that I keep the hyphen next to the 46.aspx.

What is the regex for that?

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the hyphen (-) is not a troubling character in a URL. Stackoverflow and most blog and news site use them. – Pierre-Alain Vigeant Sep 4 '09 at 19:15
I know, that's why I included as an extra character. The problem is that my URLRewriting specification uses the hyphen as a separator, so if a hyphen would show up before that one, it would mislead the URLRewriter. – Eduardo Mello Sep 4 '09 at 19:22

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Another approach would just be to URL Encode the string. If you need to use a RegEx for some other reason, I think this would get the characters you're asking about:

Regex.Replace(stringToCleanUp, "[^a-zA-Z0-9/;\-%:]", string.Empty);

Regex explanation:

  • Don't match this list of characters - [] means list, ^ means negation
  • List of characters: a-z (all characters between a and z lower case)
  • List of characters: A-Z (all characters between a and z upper case)
  • All numbers: 0-9 (all numbers)
  • After that, I've included a list of characters to allow: / ; - (have to escape it with \ since - is a reserved character) % :

You can add or remove from that final list - anything in this list will be ALLOWED in your final URL since it will not be replaced.

I recommend using an interactive RegEx tool if you need to tweak this, like RegExr.

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Very nice tool you've pointed there. But the problem is, I don't understand Regex enough to tweak it the way I want it. Thank you – Eduardo Mello Sep 4 '09 at 19:30

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