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Here's what I am trying to do.

This is the select statement

select Id 
from tblUsersPokemons 
where UserId = 1 and PokemonPlace = 'bag'

Now I want to insert those returned Ids into another table like this:

foreach all returned Ids
   insert into tblNpcBattleUsersPokemons values (Id, 1)

How can I do that ?

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Like this:

insert into tblNpcBattleUsersPokemons
select Id, 1 from tblUsersPokemons where UserId=1 and PokemonPlace='bag'
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This can be done in a single sql call

insert into tblNpcBattleUsersPokemons (id, [whatever the name of the other column is])
    select Id, 1 from tblUsersPokemons where UserId=1 and PokemonPlace='bag'

I've used the longhand here because it does not make any assumption about the ordering of columns in the destination table, which can change over time and invalidate your insert statement.

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+1 this worked for me. Thanks for posting an alternate answer!! – ckpepper02 Jun 16 '13 at 1:31

You can insert the set retrieved by a SELECT into another existing table using the INSERT...SELECT syntax.

For example:

INSERT INTO tblNpcBattleUsersPokemons (Id, Val)  -- not sure what the second column name was 
SELECT Id FROM tblUsersPokemons WHERE UserID = 1 and PokemonPlace='bag';
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