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I'm making a gallery with javascript and I'm having trouble with my code. I have six thumbnails that I want to be able to click on one and have it enlarge while hiding the other thumbnails, and then to shrink back down when you click it again. I've found a rather repetitive way of doing it, but it only has worked for one of the photos and will not work for the others and I don't know why!

Here is my javascript:

function get_thumbs1() {
function get_big1() {

function get_thumbs2() {
function get_big2() {

etc for all six photos, just changing the numbers

And my source code to make it big:

<div id="thumbnailwrapper">
<a href="#" onMouseOver="hoverPhoto1()" onMouseOut="unHoverPhoto1()" onClick="get_big1()">  <div id="photo1"></div></a>
<a href="#" onMouseOver="hoverPhoto2()" onMouseOut="unHoverPhoto2()" onClick="get_big2()"><div id="photo2"></div></a>

etc for others

And to make it small again,

<div id="largeimage_wrapper">
<a href="#" onClick="get_thumbs1()"><div id="photo1a"></div></a>
<a href="#" onClick="get_thumbs2()"><div id="photo2a"></div></a>


Please help me! Thank you :)

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