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I have this method defined in an abstract class:

abstract class RichTable[T](name: String) extends Table[T](name) {
    def insert(model : T) = Database { implicit db: Session =>
    *.insert(model.copy(id = getNextId(classOf[T].getSimpleName())))
  //other methods which are fine

and it (model.copy) says:

could not find implicit value for evidence parameter of type scala.slick.lifted.TypeMapper[T]

I simply don't know how to solve this issue. I am a scala beginner and I am simply stuck with this. Can anybody give me a clue?

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Evidence parameter is the curried implicit parameter of function, like in model.copy(id)(implicit typeMapper). You need to declare implicit val typeMapper: scala.slick.lifted.TypeMapper[T] = something. Search F3 in a source of model.copy.


Not quite right, changing def insert(model: T) to def insert[T: ClassManifest](model: T) should do the trick. Why?

Inside your function, you use classOf[T], but actual type of T gets erased in runtime, and its not clear on which class getSimpleName() should be invoked. So you should declare a type parameter with ClassManifest bound, and an implicit parameter of appropriate type should be added automatically [T](model: T)(implicit evidence$1: ClassManifest[T])

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