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I'm working with C & I receive this error when I run my program. The error occurs when I enter the character "e" to close the program. Please help me!!! Thanks. :)

int main () {
while (true){
    HANDLE consoleHandle = GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE);
char wanted;
int c;
printf("Enter What You Want...\n");
printf("f for flower\n");
printf("m for mushroom\n");
printf("b for box\n");
printf("h for mario\n");
printf("e to close\n");
scanf("%s", &wanted);
if (wanted=='f'){
/*some codes here*/
else if (wanted=='m'){
/*some codes here*/
    else if (wanted=='b'){
/*some code here*/
    else if (wanted=='h'){
/*some codes here*/
    else if (wanted=='e'){
        else {
            printf("It Was'n a Possible Input. Try Again...\n");
    return 0;
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scanf("%s", &wanted); should instead be scanf("%c", &wanted);

A format string of %s indicates that the argument to scanf will be a char array. You have a single char so need to use %c

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